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We partner with your organization, strive to understand your business needs as if they are our own, and leverage our expertise to help your team achieve success.

1 Virtus Investment Partners, Mobile App Development

CASE Partners developed an award-winning mobile app for iPhone and iPad for Virtus Investment


Virtus Investment Partners (www.virtus.com) enlisted CASE Partners as their technology partner to design and develop a mobile application that would run on iOS and Android operating systems.


After working with Virtus Investment Partners to define what we wanted to accomplish with the app, CASE designed a user-focused interface that allowed investors and other financial professionals to quickly access Joe Terranova’s popular “Market Insight” and other Virtus Investment managers’ blogs, locate Virtus wholesalers, and access an interactive “Investor Guide."

The blog was designed to work on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and was met with great success, even winning an award for Best Investment Mobile Application at the 2012 MobileWebAward Competition.


Objective-C, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery Mobile Javascript framework

2 Executives in Action, Salesforce Integration

CASE Partners worked with Executives in Action on a Salesforce integration and implementation


Executives In Action (EIA) is a Dallas-based non-profit organization that engages experienced executives to serve as pro bono consultants for charitable agencies. EIA needed a rapidly developed, scalable solution to streamline their entire workflow, including the executive and non-profit application process, and creating and managing the relationship between the program participants.


CASE Partners delivered a fully integrated system built upon a home-grown “Collaboration Framework” through creative and extensive use of the Salesforce Platform, its available Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and the philanthropic donation from Salesforce.com of 10 free Salesforce enterprise licenses. This framework provides for publically accessible website integration with Salesforce and other systems. Executives and non-profits interact using standard web technologies to upload bios, resumes, profiles, projects, etc., and administration is managed by EIA staff via the Salesforce interface.


Salesforce.com (customization, workflow rules, email templates, reports, etc.), ASP.NET/MVC.

3 Partnership for Strong Communities, CMS Implementation

CASE Partners worked with Partnership for Strong Communities on a drupal-based website development


The Partnership for Strong Communities, a Hartford-based nonprofit working to end homelessness, develop healthy neighborhoods and to create more affordable housing opportunities, enlisted CASE Partners to develop a website that can be updated by their own staff.


CASE Partners built the site on an open-source content management system, and included modules to update and display an events calendar, social networking buttons, a newsfeed, and hook into their payment processing system to collect donations. A training session took place to ensure that the staff members were completely familiar with the new site and the editor tools. The end result was a clean, usable website that provides necessary information to their intended audience and ultimately saves the organization money by allowing staff members to maintain the site in house with an easy-to-use interface.


Drupal, HTML/CSS


In our 20 year history, we've enjoyed working with 200+ different organizations. We view ALL of them as partners and work collaboratively with them to ensure the best possible results.

  • We worked with Conning on Salesforce consulting, system architecture and development
  • We worked with Dell on system architecture, development, and Salesforce integration
  • We worked with Aetna on system architecture and web development
  • We work with Affiliated Physicians on system architecture and development
  • We work with American Cruise Lines on web development, web design, and hosting
  • We work with Hartford Seminary on web design, web development, and network services
  • We work with Boxer Property on network services
  • Brooks Brothers
  • We work with Stanley
  • Connecticut Center for Primary Care
  • We work with CT Forum on network services, web development, and hosting
  • We work with the CT Mirror on web design, web development, hosting, mobile app development, and network services
  • We work with Northeast Utilities
  • We work with Executives in Action on Salesforce implementation, and salesforce integration
  • We work with the Metro Hartford Alliance on hosting
  • We work with Partnership for Strong Communities on Development
  • We work with Phoenix Life Insurance Company on system architecture and development
  • We work with ProHealth Physicians on web design and web development
  • Charter Oak Cultural Center
  • Quest Software
  • We work with Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada on development and system architecture
  • We work with Travelers on System Architecture
  • We work with Triad Healthcare on System Architecture
  • We work with United Healthcare on development and system architecture
  • We work with Virtus Investment on mobile design, mobile app development, and system architecture

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