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Technology to elevate your business.

Hello there.

20-something years ago, back when you could find a stack of floppy discs at every cubicle, three guys in Hartford, CT, got together and decided there might be something to this whole technological revolution that they were witnessing, and had an idea to start their own IT consulting firm.

Today, that idea has grown into a company comprised of seasoned veterans, young up-and-comers and a common core belief that technology is constantly evolving, and so should we.

When we started, we didn't have remote access, responsive web design, mobile apps or even the World Wide Web! We've grown and evolved, and continually adapted to the current trends in technology. So we know how important it is to stay current for the sake of your business. Newer technology has also allowed us to deliver faster, cheaper results to a wider audience. We have a solid 20-year track record of developing real-world technology solutions to elevate your business.

Success is not measured on what we knew last year, but on what we are learning tomorrow. It is this quest for keeping in tune with the latest in technology, combined with our lifetime of experience in the field, that sets us apart from everyone else.


Howard Friedman

With more than 30 years of experience in the tech sector, Howard directs and manages all consulting and outsourced technology initiatives for CASE Partners. Howard spearheads all business-needs analyses for clients and manages all aspects of technology development and delivery. Howard leads a team of experienced application architects, developers, and Salesforce.com administration and integration experts to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions for CASE Partners' clients.

Howard lives in Ellington with his wife and four children and has served on the Ellington Board of Education for over 10 years. He is an avid adventurer wannabe having solo-hiked the Grand Canyon and participating in his share of rock climbing, white water rafting and sky-diving. He also regularly partakes in the slightly less life-threatening activity of disc golf.

Tony Shockley

Tony has been growing CASE Partners' managed services team from their very first client, to currently over a 100 different companies throughout the US. Tony oversees a talented team of engineers and technicians, providing on-site or remote services, and lending his support when needed. Tony’s ability to effectively explain complicated ideas and functions creates a seamless connection between CASE Partners and their clientele.

Tony lives in Farmington with his wife and three sons, where he is involved with the Boys Scouts and Little League and has finished in the Hartford Half Marathon three times. Tony's first concert ever was MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice and En Vogue. He still can't hear "Can't Touch This" without cringing.


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